The Heat is on, the heat is on!

Working in heat

A great tune but not the place to be unprepared. Working in heat can be hazardous and can cause harm to workers in both indoor and outdoor work environments.

In the last 10 years from 2008-09 to 2017-18, there were 1,360 workers’ compensation claims resulting from working in heat.

  • 1,235 of these claims were from working in the sun
    • 750 of these claims were cancer-related
    • 140 of these were claims regarding heat stroke or heat stress
  • 85 of these claims were from working in hot indoor conditions
    • 40 of these were claims regarding heat stroke or heat stress

Employers have duties under work health and safety laws to manage the risks of working in heat and protect worker health and safety.

Below is a guide for managing the risks of working in heat.

Risk factors to considerWhy this is important
Are ambient conditions hot?Can contribute to incidents such as heat related illness and burns
Are the days and nights hotter than usual for the time of the year?A heatwave can make it harder to sleep and workers become fatigued
Is it humid?High humidity makes it harder for the body to cool itself
When is work done?Certain times of the day and year will be hotter
How often can workers take breaks and rest somewhere cool?Working in heat for long periods of time is very dangerous
Is the air movement from fans or natural breeze?This can cool workers
Is the work long and intense?The long the work period the hotter workers get
Are worker reasonably fit and acclimatised?Fitter works can bear high physical demands
Do any of the workers have known medical conditions?Some conditions and medications can make people more susceptible to heat related illness
Is there cool water or electrolyte drinks available ?Dehydration can be dangerous and contribute to heat related illness

Contact your regulator for guidelines specific to your jurisdiction.

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