HR and IR Business Strategy and Planning

A sound human resources plan incorporating employee relations is an important part of a successful business strategy. Successful businesses and their managers know the value and the importance of well-trained and motivated employees to achieve the company’s annual financial goals. Successful HR practitioners realize the importance of keeping employees’ focus on the company’s financial goals while providing opportunities for employee growth and advancement.

Organisational restructuring and redundancy planning and implementation

Change in all things is now an accepted constant especially in the workplace. Be it through new technology driven either internally or externally or other factors. It is essential that when an organisation’s restructure to align with new technology, or customer and client driven changes, to maintain performance and deliver cost efficiencies. Whatever the reason behind the change, it is essential the change plan takes in a wide remit of factors including the organisations longer term strategic objectives, making sure to look beyond the immediate operational needs and to consider whether the organisation has the people with  the right skills, experience and knowledge it needs for the longer term

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Role clarity and position descriptions

Do you feel some employees are not clear on what their role encompasses and what is expected of them, either on paper or through their actions? Chances are that they are unsure, or perhaps border on being clueless as to where their roles start, end, and fit with other roles and within the bigger picture of the organisation.

Role clarity is the degree to which employees have a clear understanding of their tasks, responsibilities and processes at work including legal obligations either legislated or contractually. The benefit of employees having a good clear understanding of their role is often an essential precursor of productivity, and a lack thereof can cause stress and confusion. To reduce these feelings and improve both personal effectiveness and the organization’s overall performance, role clarity is crucial. Through a review we will also review positions descriptions to ensure you have the right roles and the position description includes all it needs so ensure the employee is aware of their responsibilities.


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  • Organisational restructuring and redundancy planning and implementation
  • Organisational position review, role clarity and position descriptions
  • Employment contracts and enterprise agreement negotiations